9 Year Old NH Inventor

Makes Apple Picking Safe – Fun – Easy.

A Family Adventure For Young and Old

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No more ladders, climbing trees, dangerous reaching or bruised fruit. You can now pick any apple that you want and it is deposited gently at your feet.

Quinn Hutchins of Bedford, NH has taken his invention to market. Quinn has started his own company and with the help of his grandfather and they are marketing his invention.

"Quinn’s Fruit Shoot" let’s you pick most any type of fruit. Orchard owners love it because there is less damage to the trees and it speeds up picking. Kids love it because they can pick out the hard to reach fruit, point it out to dad and in a matter of seconds it is gently deposited at their feet. Apples are never out of reach, even for older people.

No more frustration of not getting that prized apple. "Quinn’s Fruit Shoot" let’s you capture them all. Apple picking is now a fun adventure for the entire family, young and old.

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